Sunday, March 9, 2014

quail and the hawk

this quail family used to frequently stop by for a meal

We have always had lots of birds in our neighborhood and that included quail.  In fact, once in a while we would pull out of the driveway and stop before reaching the end of the block - to let a parade of quail cross the street, taking their own sweet time to safely arrive on the other side.  Lately we've been wondering where all the quail went.  the hawk!  Now it's not that uncommon for him to swoop down and prey upon our birds.  But this, sadly, is more than we would have predicted.  Yesterday he was perched high in our neighbor's tree and was making quail calls.  Seriously!  Did you know hawks mimic quail?  That was a first for us. In fact, I would not have believed it if I had not heard him.  Sneaky creature, no wonder they have disappeared.


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